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Methodist Women in Britain: About Us

MWIB has a proud heritage stemming from the twin roots of Women’s Work, founded in 1858 to support training and care for women missionaries, and Women’s Fellowship, started in 1945 out of a concern to address social problems resulting from the war.

These two movements merged in 1987 to form the Women’s Network of the Methodist Church, with a clear place in the Methodist Connexional Team. Change came in 2008 resulting in the launch in 2011 of Methodist Women in Britain as an independent, self-financing organisation.

Our aim today is to connect women with an interest in creative spirituality and a passion for global social justice.

Methodist Women in Britain’s main decision-making body is the Forum, which meets twice each year. Every district in the British Methodist Church has a representative on the Forum, who meet along with the Executive members, the Helen Kim Scholar, and the World Day of Prayer Methodist representative.

MWiB has a seat at the Methodist Conference and relates to many parts of the Connexional Team. However, MWiB does not have Connexional Team staffing, nor funding from the Connexional budget.


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Read about MWIB involvement in the Fund for Human Need:


Fund for Human Need



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